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Hello, My name is Krzysztof Ryfka. I'm president of ELTEC . I wish to bring closer my firm profile of activity. The firm was established in 1997. We have dealt with accessories to camcorders,  digital cameras import, wholesale and retail for two years, mainly:

  • batteries
  • chargers
  • tripods
  • optic elements
  • power supplies
  • bags
  • flash lamps
  • card readers
  • photopraphic studio elements
  • laptop accesories
  • video accesory (flycams, glidecams, sliders etc)
  • lenses
  • manual and electric screens
  • wires and cables
  • etc.

The whole of assortment we have in sale, we import directly from manufacturers in China, Korea and Hong Kong. Our firm is based in center of Warsaw (Poland).

Our mainly customers are photo-video-accesory shops in Poland. We have one shop in Central Warsaw (capital of Poland), wholesale office and few storehouses in Warsaw (more than 500 square meters, to increase our able to import bigger quantity of the goods, and to lessen our cost of the store the goods).

We have very good standing on Polish market, and our firm is very well known. We have many stable customers among polish photo-video shops

We look for contacts with the firms from the Far East, being the manufacturers of accessories to camcorders and cameras. We always would like to increase out sellment with new similar products. If you are a developer of any photo-video-electro assortment, we encourage you to send your offer by e-mail


We are also shipping products in EU. We accept payments by bank transfer. Please ask about details before order - our workers will help you to predict delivery cost - it depends of weight and place of destination. We wiil ship your order by INPST- trustful and well known delivery company. At the moment we can ship to:

Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Ireland.

At the moment, we export our photographic products to whole world. All the time we are aiming to increase our export and finding new customers.

We have got all our available products on stock, so we can ship your order as soon as you make your payment. You will receive invoice (or receipt) and safely packed parcel.

Remember, if your company have EU VAT number, we can sell our products in net price. For more regular customers, we've got large range of discounts; amount depends of your total purchase:

  1.500 zl - 12%
  5.000 zl - 14%
10.000 zl - 16%
15.000 zl - 18%
25.000 zl - discount set manually

If you are interested please contact with us 

For more information please ask us (we speak in Polish and English):



ELTEC Krzysztof Ryfka


UL.Gabriela 2 (shop/office)
01-347 Warsaw POLAND.

ul. Gabriela 2
01-347 Warszawa

PN-PT 9-17
513 124 511

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